Monday, August 16, 2010

Surrender To Love, by Rosemary Rogers....and the Things that make you go hmmm.

Surrender To Love?!?! No doubt! But, certainly not before you beat the crap out of each other, body and soul, for the first 690ish pages of this 700 page tomb.

Historical Romance?!?! More like a sexually deviant, psychological thriller, with a dash of the past.

These characters are unbalanced, to the extreme. Give 'em all a strong dose of Prozac I say... Oh wait... hasn't been invented yet. Right... Well then... Hmmm.. I know, I know!!!! How about you defy convention, lie, cheat, steal, humiliate, brutalize, seduce and manipulate everyone within your direct vacinity instead! Yes, that will make you feel so much better.

This book was so bad... Well, that's not true. It was great writing, just a horrible concept. Well... wait... Maybe not.. maybe it was a genius concept... I couldn't put it down after all..

Oh My! I seem to have developed as many personalities as this bloody book!

How do I explain....?

Like... Have you ever seen that lady, you know the one with the GOD AWFUL spandex, like I mean the type of spandex that shouldn't ever be seen on even the most fit of people.. shopping in Walmart, and you don't want to look, yet your eyes keep straying, till you find yourself staring at the hidiousness of it all...? Yah... that's this book.

Horrible, yet captivating.

Happy Reading... 

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