Monday, August 16, 2010

The Bronze Horseman, Tatiana and Alexander, and The Summer Garden.


This book will break your heart, this book will anger you incessantly, this book will have you laughing, and make you blush, through your tears.

An amazingly, beautiful and daring story of impossible love during WWII in impoverished Leningrad, Russia.

Tatiana, a young, naive, and beautifl 17 year old woman-child, oblivious to the war and its beginnings, sitting on a bench eating her creme brule ice cream, fascinates Alexander, a 22, Tall, Dark, and obscenely handsome soldier in the Russian Red Army.

These two you will, LOVE, you will EMPATHISE, and you will HATE aswell. Paullina Simons manages to envoke every possible emotion in her writing, while you are staying up till all hours, and flipping pages as fast as you can, just to find out what happens.

Amazing read. Fabulous Story. I simply can not rave enough, about this book. 

The epitome of Romance, without the frills, and facade of a perfect life. This is a REAL love story.. At it's finest

I loved this story! Not for the same reasons, as I did for 'The Bronze Horseman', although in no way, any more or less.

In the first book, we met, we fell in love with, we despaired with, empathized with, and even at time's hated the characters, as there lives and love flourished.

In this book, we struggle through all the same emotions, just on much greater levels. Its raw, real and desperate, gut wrenching, and soul shattering. It reminds you of the true meaning of love, and how there simply is not anything greater, or more powerful in this world. Not war, or evil, depression, or desperation, nor distance, and time.

It brings you to the front line, you combat all there is to experience within something we hopefully never have to encounter, and in the end you are left with the knowledge, that through out it all, and no matter what happens along the way.. The cliche is true.

Love actually does, conquer all.


and finally....

Phew... Well I'm EXHAUSTED!!!

Seriously! Never in my life have I read a novel, that forcefully strips you of all strength with its sheer emotional instability.

Many times, while turning the pages I was sorely tempted to put it down. To find contentment in the ending of it's previous installment 'Tatiana and Alexander'... But I'm a trooper, and I'm not a fan of not seeing things through.. So I persevered.

Thank God for small favours!

Eventhough, there were times I could literally hear my heart breaking, and the words were so blurred, I couldn't even decipher them, and sitting still, was an absoloute impossibility, my foot in constant agitated motion.

Eventhough, there were times I felt like I could personally phone one, Ms. Paullina Simons and scream 'WHY', and 'HOW COULD YOU'!

I adored every page of this book.

Enduring everything they endured.. Suffering as they both had suffered. Every syllable, of every word, that created a sentence, turning into a paragraph, eventually completing the series was most definatly worth it.

The message is simple

In a world, where divorce is epidemic. Broken famillies are the norm. Where, once the honeymoon phase is over, and life brings with it all its profound difficulties, a staggering percentage of couples raise there white flags and simply walk away.

Two amazing people, loving eachother to distraction, refusing to allow the pressures of life destroy the very reason they've survived, simply REFUSE to raise their white flags.

This, Ladies and Gentlman, is a real love story. 

Happy Reading....

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