Monday, August 16, 2010

Lord Ian, is Tall, Brooding, Scottish and Mad!!! Perfect!

I've been up, all night reading this book. I was simply unable to put it down. I am writing this review, eyes blurring,and breaking only for my constant yawning, so if I fail to make sense, please bear with me.

Lord Ian, is quite possibly the most fascinating hero I have ever read, to date.

With an affliction labeling him as 'mad' by the aristocracy, (Something we would now know as either Autism, or Asberger's Syndrome). Lord Ian spent most of his youth confined within horrific asylum's walls, enduring, and surviving various experimental treatments to 'heal' him.

Beth, a street rat, born and raised in a work house, in the unsavoury parts of London, by a loving and un-succesful prostitute for a mother, and a fraud and theif for a father. Armed with wit, humor, and a strong will, Beth brings herself up in life and station, leading her right in the path of the notorious 'Mad Mackenzie'!

Albeit bizarre, Beth senses a kindred spirit....

It's a beautiful story, revolving around two very, less than perfect souls, in a society whom demands perfection. Neither fit in their surrounding world, yet they find solace in one another.
It's a fantastic, and original concept. Taking the 'Tortured' or 'Brooding' Hero, to a whole new level.

This is the first of a series by this author, I will be picking up the next installment, as soon as it hit's bookstore shelves.

Happy Reading.... 

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