Monday, August 16, 2010

Judith McNaught... Come back to Historicals.... PLEASE.


This is the one.. The one that started my chemical embalance towards everything historical romance...

I was an avid reader, in elementary school. (Anyone out there remember Fear Street? lol) Mostly horror, mystery and suspense. Anne Rice and Stephen King ranking among my top authors.

Then life happened, and I stopped picking up books for well over a decade.

2 1/2 years ago, I started a new job, and met many new people, making friends among my co-workers. One, of course being Rhonda Krieger, a fellow GR guru.

One day, she asked if I ever read, in which I replied. 'Read, who the hell has time for that!' She started telling me about certain books she has read, and when I heard it was romance that was her genre of choice, it took all my strength, to refrain from laughing out loud. "Romance, seriously. Who on earth reads that crap. My God... Not me."

For weeks, she relentlessly nagged, and cajoled, telling me 'You absoloutly MUST read this book', handing me an old copy of the book I am now reviewing.

Once and Always

I remember it having a hideous "special, only $4.99' sticker on it, and chuckled to myself, knowing I was right, the book must be crap, and I will never enjoy it. To apease Rhonda, and basically get her off my back, I took the above mentioned book,

Ladies and Gentleman, I have an announcement. Now pay attention, because this is the only time you will hear me utter these 3 words....


Yup, you heard me. (or read me, rather) I was 120%, utterly, shamefully, completely wrong in my views of the historical romance genre, and it's readers.

This book, will forever go down in (my) history as the THE book, the one that opened my mind, my heart, along with my eyes to reading again, and the amazingly beautiful stories created by thousands of awesome literary minds out there.

Judith McNaught, will forever be, One of my favorite authors, of all time.

My only complaint, is her apparent decision to stop writing historical romances, and her diversion to more contemporary.

Historical Romance lovers of the world...(or GR community atleast.. I tend to get carried away) You must read all of Ms.McNaughts Historical romances. Prepare yourselves, for an amazing journey, full of tears, hysterical laughter, frustrating anger (may even find yourselves throwing the book, one or two times, screaming 'OMG... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!.. like I did),passion and over all unbelievable true, and unyielding love. These are what Historical romance is all about!!

Whitney, My Love (Westmoreland, #2)A Kingdom of Dreams (Westmoreland, #1)Almost HeavenSomething WonderfulUntil You (Westmoreland, #3)

And of course...

Once and Always 

Happy Reading.....

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