Monday, August 16, 2010

The Red Scarf, by Kate Furnivall

Okay, I confess, I picked up this book, and devoured it because of its obvious semblance to 'The Bronze Horseman' by Paullina Simons..

Yes it's backround is set in Russia, during Stalin's reign. Yes, there is relentless suffering, starvation, and those whom grasp onto almost anything, in an attempt of survival during a horrific time. Yes, It is a love story... But that is where the similarities end.

Sofia and Anna, are best friends, torn from their families, and all they've known and loved, thrown into a torturous labour camp in Siberia, Russia for 'Crimes' (ridiculous as they may be) towards the Soviet Government.

Trying to survive their horrific exsistence, they love and protect one another, against all peril.

Anna, a remarkable story teller, hangs on to her memories, of her childhood sweetheart, Vasily, with fierce determination. Sharing her stories of great adventure, and unconditional love with Sofia, is the pairs only means of getting through the horrible life they are trapped in.

But when Anna falls ill, and it becomes apparent her survival depends soley on her escape from the abhorrent conditions in which they survive, Sofia decides to escape, determined to find Vasily, and convince him to help her save Anna...

However Sofia hadn't anticipated falling in love with her Best Friends long lost love....

It's complicated, and laden with mystery, love, and a tad bit of gypsy lore within the mysteries of the Ural Mountains, but above all it's about the power of unbreakable friendship...

Great Story...

Happy Reading..

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