Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Greatest Books Of All Time

In this humble readers opinion.. Is the one and only, Outlander Series, By the Amazing Diana Gabaldon.

It took me a crazy long time, to convince myself to pick up these books. Convinced it just wasn't my thing, I ignored the numerous pleas from fellow book lover friends, to take on this series. 

Eventually of course, their tenacious badgering, and my over all curiousity won out in the end... So... 

What can I possibly say to you, about this series that hasn't already been said?

Amazing. Beautiful, Magical, Heart wrenching, fantastic, awe inspiring, mind blowing, epic in its originality. My all time favorite books, ones I will forever keep, and read over, and over again.

Beautiful, Lyrical, riddled with a 'blow your mind' storyline. Diana has managed to create an entire world of characters, that you will not only fall madly, deeply in love with, but you will also find yourselves thinking about them... Constantly, without reprieve.

Obsession is the perfect term for any of you, whom like me have fallen for the world of Outlander.
There are seven, massive tome's to this series, and all are brimming with action, adventure, friendship, war, tragedy, heartbreak, but most of all, undeniable, rip your heart from your chest, love.

For all of you people who haven't started this series yet. WTH are you waiting for? ;) And for those of you, whom are just starting this series, prepare to be consumed by the raw, beauty of it all. And, last but certainly not least, for those of you who have travelled this road with me, You know what I'm saying.

Happy Reading.

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