Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hmmm~ Not so much

Repetitive~ This is the word that comes to mind when attempting to review this book. 'Easy Read' is another term best to describe~
While it was entertaining~ In its sexually charged atmosphere, tipping the scales of the steam meter with it's hard core porn feel (Erotica is it's genre after all)

Outside of the incredibly hot, sometimes over the top sex scenes, I found the story lacking~ In fact I found the characters extremely annoying at times and not in the least believable.

Now~ Allow me to explain~ I LOVE a dark, troubled, brooding hero as much as the next gal~ However, I have discovered there is a definative fine line between sexy and just plain rude. This dude pissed me off~ He was just raunchy~ Which left very little to endure himeself to me. I certainly didn't find him 'sexy'~ UNTIL the last 80ish pages~ But this is where the true crux of my issues with this book lie~

Where the hell did the demeaning, overtly egotistical maniac go? Seriously~ He was there, literally dominating the pages with his pure and utter selfishness and then 'Poof' just like magic~ He disapeared replaced in an instant by a 'truly, madly, deeply' love struck 'gentleman'~ I don't get it~ I feel it was poorly executed and written with an almost amateur tone.

Now that I laid out all my negatives~ On to the positive~ For it's genre this book does deliver~ It is super hot~ With very detailed sex scenes~It does manage to make you feel tingly all over which is one of its main purposes after all.

And~ I did manage to finish it in its entirety, without skipping pages or skimming the words~ Which several other novels in this genre have not been able to accomplish with this jaded erotica reader~ So for it's ability to keep my interest in spite of my many bones picked~ This book definatly deserved the 3 stars for keeping my attention, and managing to entertain me regardless

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