Sunday, January 23, 2011

Beautiful~ Soul Shattering

Quite possibly, THE MOST heart wrenching novel I have read to date.

Cleverly written, with the perfect mixture of fact and fiction, and a level of reality that reminds us all that at times it does in fact, Bite.

Cathy Buchanan has more than succeeded in creating some enduring, and incredibly lovable characters, so much so that the events you live through with them, are all the more real, and all the more soul shattering.

My only critisicm, which I mean as constructive.. Is I would have liked more insight to Bess and Tom.. More details of their love, their life. The History of the Niagara Falls (as amazing as it was) seemed to overshadow them too much. I wanted to adore Tom, like I have Jamie (Outlander), and Alexander (The Bronze Horseman).. And I believe he is a character that potentially could've held his own among them as company, if only the Author developed him, and his relationship with Bess a little more.

I really, really liked this book.. But it will be one I won't be able to read again.. It bruised too much...

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