Thursday, January 20, 2011

After a lenghty absence~

I have spent the last few months~ And when I say monthes I mean atleast 6~ Pouting and feeling rather sorry for myself. My dream of becoming a succesful and witty blogger~ drawing avid readers into my world of my reviews was crushed~ And when I say crushed~ I mean I am a silly, silly girl who allowed a total of 6 weeks to go by before I left with my tail between my legs and a HUGE sense of 'boo hoo' because no body stumbled upon my blog~

Imagine my surprise when I signed in today to see I have 3 people following me~ YAY!!! And believe me although the prior contents of this post is riddled in my usual sarcasm, I can assure you my excitement for you 3 is not feigned. I am stoked.

Thank-you to Honour~ A fellow review blogger (whose writing BTW is spectacular~ and you can find her blog here,~ ), for informing me she was following my blog, causing me to sign in today to discover my pleasant surprise~ In turn motivating me to start up again.

I will be adding more reviews today~ Thank you for checking me out and feeling my blog worthy of following,

You guys rock!

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