Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Midwife Fell Flat

Midwife of the Blue Ridge

It started out great... Had all the elements I look for in a book. History, Struggle, Friendship, Loyalty, and Love.
An awesome beginning, a wee Scottish lass full of spunk and brains signs up as an indentured servant, heading for the New World to escape the hardships of Scotland after Culloden. Authentic Scottish prose, Hilarious and Charming banter, and an overall feeling of possibility and hope.
Its beginninf was reminiscent to some of my favorites stories, and was succesful in grabbing my attention, and tugging on my heart string, however it tapered off at the end. I am not able to pinpoint where the disconnection happened, it was quite sudden really. One moment I was loving it, the next moment I was yawning. It was a strange transition.
Over all, a sweet story, decent writing and fairly engaging love story. Could have used more detail into Tom and Maggie though... There love seemed as abrubt as my loss of interest.
Happy Reading.

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