Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another Series Winner

I was just saying to my reading buddy, Rhonda, that I was tiring of the typical.. 'Privelaged girl meets Privelaged boy, having to endure the constant snear of society, all the while trying to (and always failing) to maintain ones virtue' stories.

Don't get me wrong, I love those books as much as the next uhm girl. It's just that lately I have been craving something 'more'. More angst, More struggle, (beyond what color of dress to wear to the society ball), more 'REAL'.

I definatly found that in 'The Tea Rose'. A magnificent story, of love and loss, struggle and survival, and the determination to be more than what life has handed you. A beautiful 'life and love' story, that felt very real for me. Nothing fairy tale-ish about it, just a handful of people willing to work there butts of to make it in a cruel world.. and the people along the way, some who hindered, many who loved unconditionally and helped ease the way.

I adored this book.. Can't wait for The Winter Rose (The Tea Rose, #2)

Beautiful~ Soul Shattering

Quite possibly, THE MOST heart wrenching novel I have read to date.

Cleverly written, with the perfect mixture of fact and fiction, and a level of reality that reminds us all that at times it does in fact, Bite.

Cathy Buchanan has more than succeeded in creating some enduring, and incredibly lovable characters, so much so that the events you live through with them, are all the more real, and all the more soul shattering.

My only critisicm, which I mean as constructive.. Is I would have liked more insight to Bess and Tom.. More details of their love, their life. The History of the Niagara Falls (as amazing as it was) seemed to overshadow them too much. I wanted to adore Tom, like I have Jamie (Outlander), and Alexander (The Bronze Horseman).. And I believe he is a character that potentially could've held his own among them as company, if only the Author developed him, and his relationship with Bess a little more.

I really, really liked this book.. But it will be one I won't be able to read again.. It bruised too much...

Hmmm~ Not so much

Repetitive~ This is the word that comes to mind when attempting to review this book. 'Easy Read' is another term best to describe~
While it was entertaining~ In its sexually charged atmosphere, tipping the scales of the steam meter with it's hard core porn feel (Erotica is it's genre after all)

Outside of the incredibly hot, sometimes over the top sex scenes, I found the story lacking~ In fact I found the characters extremely annoying at times and not in the least believable.

Now~ Allow me to explain~ I LOVE a dark, troubled, brooding hero as much as the next gal~ However, I have discovered there is a definative fine line between sexy and just plain rude. This dude pissed me off~ He was just raunchy~ Which left very little to endure himeself to me. I certainly didn't find him 'sexy'~ UNTIL the last 80ish pages~ But this is where the true crux of my issues with this book lie~

Where the hell did the demeaning, overtly egotistical maniac go? Seriously~ He was there, literally dominating the pages with his pure and utter selfishness and then 'Poof' just like magic~ He disapeared replaced in an instant by a 'truly, madly, deeply' love struck 'gentleman'~ I don't get it~ I feel it was poorly executed and written with an almost amateur tone.

Now that I laid out all my negatives~ On to the positive~ For it's genre this book does deliver~ It is super hot~ With very detailed sex scenes~It does manage to make you feel tingly all over which is one of its main purposes after all.

And~ I did manage to finish it in its entirety, without skipping pages or skimming the words~ Which several other novels in this genre have not been able to accomplish with this jaded erotica reader~ So for it's ability to keep my interest in spite of my many bones picked~ This book definatly deserved the 3 stars for keeping my attention, and managing to entertain me regardless

For anyone who enjoys an intelligent read, with romance and Scottish heroes

This was one of the most engaging and clever books I have ever had the honor of reading.

From the characters development, the incredible storyline, to the heartwrenching conclusion, this book had my heart racing, and my brain running on overtime.

Intelligent, funny, mysterious, inspiring, nail biting, heart warming.. this book simply had it all.. I loved it..

One of those rare books that clenches the heart and becomes a part of you.

If GR had a higher scale this would have been a 10* read for me, without a doubt..

Happy Reading...

Mystery meets Smut meets History~ Perfect~


I ADORED this book... The author had me sold on the rest of the series and any of her future contributions to the book addict cause, within the few pages of the prologue..

A combination of Julia Quinn's wit, and C.S. Harris and Deanna Raybourn's sleuth story talent all rolled up with what is obviously, and originally 100% Lauren Willig...

The characters we're real, perfectly flawed and relatable as well as genuinely lovable. The story was well written and fast moving. The 'who-dunnit' theme... or in this case the 'who-is it' theme managed to keep me guessing atleast till the half way point.. (Which I must add, is not often accomplished)..

It's a light hearted, fun loving, easy read with the feel of a more epic story. In other words its the perfect combination of mystery, romance, and witty dialouge for any historical romance fan who craves a little more length to their reads.

Happy Reading...

Pleasant Surprise and a New addictive Series

This book totally surprised me, to be perfectly honest. I was expecting a lame Twilight (and every other Paranormal bandwagon hopping) copycat...

I have been staying away from this genre for the above reasons, having tried a few others and found they were NOT my thang.. However Clay and Elena had me at hello...

In spite of the heavily laced supernatural element.. This book was so real for me. Dare I say this one came very close to tying for The Twilight spot in my crazy book loving brain, In fact after reading the first 3 or 4 chapters, I ran out to my book store and picked up the rest of the series~ Which I might add was NOT a cheap Venture.. because there is alot of them.

Oh well... such as life for the book addict..


A Definate 5 stars...with 5 more....

A Definate 5 stars...with 5 more....

I love Susanna Kearsley, her writing is intense, smart and almost poetic in style. The way she is able to weave the past within the present is nothing short of brilliant. Her characters are wholy loveable while remaining genuine with flaws.

This is the second book of Kearlsey's I have read, and loved it just as much (if not more) than the first.. So much so that I made quick work of ordering every book of hers in print to grace my ever growing libraries 'for keeps' shelves.

This book had me wishing, praying and hoping all while managing to keep me wondering. I thought I knew what was happening but I didn't.... Oh wait.. Yup I totally have this book pegged..... Oh? Uhm, maybe not... And then BAM!! Before you know it the ending has come and your still realing days later.

I literally had to let the full extent of the story and its affect on me work its way in to the crevaces of my wee brain before I could even attempt to articulate a review.

Ladies- No Sex... Which while getting to know these characters is a real bummer... However the story didn't need it.. Although I wouldn't have complained if there had been atleast one peek into their bedroom.. But I digress...

Amazing story.... Beautifully written....Brilliantly portrayed

Thursday, January 20, 2011

After a lenghty absence~

I have spent the last few months~ And when I say monthes I mean atleast 6~ Pouting and feeling rather sorry for myself. My dream of becoming a succesful and witty blogger~ drawing avid readers into my world of my reviews was crushed~ And when I say crushed~ I mean I am a silly, silly girl who allowed a total of 6 weeks to go by before I left with my tail between my legs and a HUGE sense of 'boo hoo' because no body stumbled upon my blog~

Imagine my surprise when I signed in today to see I have 3 people following me~ YAY!!! And believe me although the prior contents of this post is riddled in my usual sarcasm, I can assure you my excitement for you 3 is not feigned. I am stoked.

Thank-you to Honour~ A fellow review blogger (whose writing BTW is spectacular~ and you can find her blog here,~ ), for informing me she was following my blog, causing me to sign in today to discover my pleasant surprise~ In turn motivating me to start up again.

I will be adding more reviews today~ Thank you for checking me out and feeling my blog worthy of following,

You guys rock!